JAM SE Mobile Application

JAM SE SkinsJAM SE is a free mobile application for a range of Java enabled mobile phones that allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth.

JAM SE requires a Server supporting the Bemused Protocol and a PC with a Bluetooth adapter.

Browse or search your music collection on your phone, play most files supported by your music player - including MP3s, CDs, etc. Control your music player.

Pause, stop, rewind, forward your playlist, add songs to the playlist, use shuffle and repeat and control the volume of your player. Browse and select songs in your playlist; download songs to your phone, customise the look of your phone application with skins. You can even shut down the PC from your phone.

JAM Server 0.5 BETA (Windows)

Check out JAM Server for Windows.

JAM Server now comes with Internet Radio support. Select your favorite radio station or music collection from your mobile. JAM Server is fully integrated with the Windows System Tray and comes with a cool Music Player with support for MP3,FLAC,OGG Vorbis,AIFF,AU,Monkey's Audio and Speex audio formats.

Use the included mobile application deployer tool to install JAM SE on your phone via Bluetooth or cable.

JAM SE 1.3RC2 released

Release Candidate 2 is now supporting the new Sony Ericsson JP-8 phone series
(W910,K850 etc.).
Support for internet radio (available with upcoming JAM Server 0.5BETA) was added.
You can get a list of supported mobile phones from here.

JAM SE for Embedded Devices

I recently got an email from a very creative JAM SE user. He turned his old valve radio into a digital sound machine using some embedded device stuff and JAM SE as the remote control of his choice.
You can find more information about this project here.

Compatible Servers

OS Player Server Status
jlGUI JAM Server for Windows BETA
Winamp Bemused Server for Windows Stable
XMMS Bemused Server for Linux Stable
mpd pmpcd Python Server Stable


The following API's/Profiles must be supported by your mobile phone in order to run

  • CLDC1.1
  • MIDP2.0 or higher
  • JSR-82 Bluetooth
  • JSR-75 File API

Please send your bug reports, questions, comments, and suggestions to jamseinfo@aol.com.
We'd love to hear from you!